Why to choose us ?

Oman National Training Institute (ONTI) offers professional training solutions to enable organizations and individuals to achieve their professional development goals. We have translated our expertise into distinguished international training through a wide range of training programs, seminars, courses and conferences.

Multiple Training Services

Oman National Training Institute (ONTI) is committed to provide various training services that cater the needs of its valuable clients in different sectors as well as for groups and individuals with high professionalism.

Time Commitment

Oman National Training Institute (ONTI) adheres to the timetables set up to provide training or consulting service during its years of operation. We are distinguished in providing our services according to a timely schedule and with high quality.

Highly Qualified Training Staff

Excellent training can only be obtained through experts and trainers with long practical experience in the field of training. Therefore, in implementation of our programs, we own distinguished experts with scientific skills and international experience.

We have provide best consulting service

Our Service:

  • IT Consulting.
  • Training Consulting.
  • Individual Guidance .
  • On-the-Job Trainingg.
  • Business Development.

Our Clients